Whether it's for school or for work, it can be a real drag trying to get yourself up in the morning. For some people, however, maybe all it takes to get through the Herculean task is the squeaky voice of a Japanese high school girl saying "Good morning, baby! Time to get up!"

We're not quite sure if that's the line they would use, but for a yet to be disclosed fee, this Japanese start-up is offering wake-up calls from high school girls!

It's called JKMorning. The "JK" stands for "Joshi Kosei", which translates to "high school girl." This wouldn't be the first service that caters to those with high school girl fantasies in Japan, with "enjo kosai" (compensated dating), or high school girls being paid to date older men, being a more well-known trend, and one that was recently condemned by a U.N. official.

So how does it work? As a startup, a lot of details have yet to be hashed out, but the company is currently recruiting high school girls willing to call customers and wish them a good morning and encourage them to get out of bed.


Source: JKMorning


Source: JKMorning

Customers simply register via email (and will be contacted once the company launches), handle all payments discretely via PayPal, and can then set a time they wish to be called by a high school girl every morning to start their day off...just how they were dreaming of it the night before, no doubt. JKMorning claims to be thoroughly checking their recruits to verify that 100% genuine high school girls are being employed--which is funny because that's usually the one area that other services might be a bit lax on.

So there you have it--another niche service in Japan catering to the specific fantasies of the men and women who will no doubt sign up for it. Pretty soon the country is going to run out of niche markets to cover--but hey, with Japanese creativity we are pretty sure they can always make a few new ones!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.