Japan is rife with video and online games, from the amazing to the downright weird. Well, one website called Umabi — A Guide for Keiba Experience recently released a new web browser game that’s up there on the list of bizarre entertainment.


A team made up of the JRA (Japan Racing Association), the Japan Sumo Association, and Capcom with Street Fighter has created Japan Sumo Cup, a “unique” game packed with horse-riding sumo wrestlers fighting some rather nostalgia-provoking, similarly horse-riding Street Fighter characters.

The game itself is simple, and is much like DDR in concept — all you have to do is press either the up or down arrow key in time with the pace of your jockey/derby horse. You can see the trailer here:


And the sumo wrestler-jockeys aren’t just any old sumo wrestlers, they’re Hakuho, Harumafuji, and Kakuryu, three of today’s sumo wrestlers that have all reached the sport’s highest rank of yokozuna. Apparently there are other secret characters you can unlock as you progress through the game.

Luckily for all you curious ones out there, Japan Sumo Cup is free and available online, so you can challenge yourself to a derby race filled with lots of battling and sumo wrestling fun. You can even play it on your smartphone, in which case you will be tapping the right and left sides of your screen instead of the arrows.

Happy gaming!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.