Japanese traditional instrumental covers can be really freaking sweet, but when you add a human beat box into the mix? Well, it just adds a whole new layer of coolness!


Source: Style-Office

That's where this talented tandem come in. Named 「SHINPU -神風-」 bring a new twist to popular anime, J-pop, and movie themes by covering them with traditional Japanese instruments and a beat box infusion. They are made up of the members Misugu Oshima, who plays both taiko drums and shinobue (a high-pitched transverse flute, similar to the shakuhachi), and Kazunari Yamamoto (AKA MC ZU-nA), a national finalist and award-winning beat boxer.

Those that dig their stylish and unique covers will be happy to hear that their YouTube channel features a new song every week (on Tuesdays in Japan), so be sure to check in to get your fix!

Attack on Titan

Dragon Ball

Mission Impossible

Kill Bill

Lupin the Third

By - grape Japan editorial staff.