Sometimes it's the most unlikely friends that share the strongest of bonds.

Fuku-chan the owl and Marimo the Scottish Fold kitten both live at the Hukulou Cafe, pronounced fukurou(ふくろう, which is "owl" in Japanese). The cafe is owl-themed, so it makes sense that the tiny five year old Fuku-chan would live their as a family pet and mascot. Marimo, though? She was brought home as a two month old kitten to give the lonely Fuku-chan a friend to play with. Ever since they met, they've hit it off and become inseparable!

Naturally, a friendship as pure and cute as this doesn't go unnoticed. Once news of the cuddling furry duo hit the web, FukuMari (their internet moniker) became Twitter stars, and now the cafe has plenty of visitors clamoring to see the two buddies in action. And tourists are welcome to grab a cup of coffee and watch the two cuddle--provided they aren't too tired from play-fighting!

They were a little shy when they first met...


Source: Hukulou Coffee

...but after closer inspection...


Source: Hukulou Coffee

...and closer inspection...


Source: Hukulou Coffee

They were a match made in heaven!

And a perfect fit for cuddling

They even kinda look alike


Source: Hukulou Coffee

And they are always ready...


Source: Hukulou Coffee greet their adoring fans!


Source: Hukulou Coffee

They've grown up together


Source: Hukulou Coffee

And you just can't split them up--even for bath time


Source: Hukulou Coffee

And their memories together will last forever--as best friends.


Source: Hukulou Coffee

By - grape Japan editorial staff.