Recently, smartphone accessories that are made out of wood are becoming very popular.

In particular, a smartphone accessory brand "Contour" is winning over many fans.

With a focus on the natural texture


Contour uses a special technology to create a case that is both thin, light and sturdy.

There are accompanying accessories such as mobile batteries and lightening cables.

It's wood, but it's thin, light and strong

Contour's iPhone case is made of wood, but it's both lighter and stronger than normal wood products.

The trick is to crimp together natural wood and carbon Kevlar materials together at approximately 400°C with a pressure of 5t. No wonder the case is almost as strong as plastic.


I can't believe it's wood!

Wooden iPhone cases tend to be built thick to prevent it from cracking.

However, Contour is 0.15cm at its thinnest point - a thickness is equivalent to similar plastic iPhone cases.

Unbelievably light


Wood cases also tend to be a bit heavy, but Contour's iPhone case is approximately 20g - pretty light!

Stronger than wood

One weakness of using wood is its tendency to crack easily. However, the carbon/Kevlar reinforced Contour is as strong as plastic.

Even if you apply force in the direction of the grain, Contour won't crack too easily.

Available in 4 colors

Contour for iPhone 6/6s comes in 4 types - Rosewood, Walnut, Cherry wood, and bamboo.


Because it uses wood, the shape, grain, and color will vary.

It means that you will get one-of-a-kind design, made by nature.

Which color would you choose?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.