According to figures released this week from UNICEF, the number of young teenagers dying from AIDS has tripled over the last 15 years. Japanese adult satellite network ERO24TV made a program not only to spread AIDS awareness but also for donating money to AIDS charity. You must keep your eyes closed in front of your monitor long enough to pass the love test. The content includes beautiful girls showing their breasts, if you try to think dirty to peek in front of your webcam once, the game will be over, and the window will immediately shutdown.

The title of the challenge is called “ love is Patience.” You will need a webcam to be connected to your computer, but smartphone and tablets will not work.

Once you hit “play,” you are given some instructions by a nice young lady.

Firstly to calibrate and detect your eyes motion you must have your eyes closed. Once your eyes are completely shut, the game starts.

While you are in the middle of the dark, some tempting phrases like “ I have some G-cup boobs here if you open your eyes.” If you happen to let the temptation get into your mind to open your eyes, an alarm of “beep” will appear, then the session will come to an abrupt end.

If you luckily stayed strong and willing, you can commit to doing the world a favor! However, for each minute you have your eyes closed the company will donate five yen(4 cents US) to AIDS Charity.

Even though Japan is a place where futuristic robots are consistently evolving, for an adult industry to have such high-tech webcam sensing technology is still quiet unbelievable. We hope to see more meaningful technology to make a world the better place.

Here is the link to check if your mentalism in "love."
love is patient.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.