Many Japanese people who return from a long stint overseas often get the feeling "ah - it's nice to be back in Japan".

Here is our 10 choices of such good experiences in Japan, as found on Twitter.

Toilet papers are soft and comfy


The toilet paper in Japan is so soft and cushy, I even get worried whether it's really going to wipe my ass clean...



Every women I come across are so cute...

Diligent staff


Staff here just don't bum around...

Things actually arrive on time


Precise courier delivery schedule... ((((;゚Д゚))))ガクガクブルブル (@yagihexe)

2-minute delay is still a delay

I'm impressed that train runs on time; I'm shocked that there's an apology when the train is 2 minutes late.

Gift wraps that wraps our hearts too


Wraps here open like magic - it gives me a bit of pleasure opening it.

100-yen shops are home to decent products


I was gonna buy a lot of things while I was back in Japan, but I'm stuck being excited at all the cool stuff sold at a 100-yen shop!

Better than the real thing?


I think the McDonald's here is better than back where it came from.

Everything just tastes amazing


It pisses me off that everything tastes fantastic here.

Just the idea of being back home


As you arrive at the airport, there's a sign that says "welcome home". Every time I see the sign, it gives me that heartwarming feeling.

There are many things that even Japanese people take for granted in Japan. I bet these things described here are also the sort of things that people outside of Japan would recognize too.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.