Updated on 6/25/18

Seeing the autumn leaves is a great date for couples. But if people in Tokyo don't have enough time to get out, "Hibiya Park" is just around the corner.

The autumn leaves here are so colorful and romantic. It's also pretty grand!

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Hibiya park is located near Kasumigaseki and Yurakucho, which is the center of Tokyo. And the park has over a 100-year-old history.

Opened in 1903, Hibiya park was designed by Dr. Seiroku Honda as the first ever Western-style park in Japan.

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A giant Gingko tree is one of the symbols of the park. Dr. Honda said he would put his head at stake to plant this tree successfully.

It's not just the trees and the leaves - the way they reflect on the pond is also mesmerizing. It's too beautiful, you would take many photos of it if you take your camera with you.

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The autumn leaves season in Hibiya park is from late November to early December. Enjoy the kaleidoscopic colors the park offers - it's also be a great spot for a picnic!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.