Source: @shirinmoe

25 Photos Of Sexy Legs For Your Enjoyment!

Recently on Japanese Twitter accounts, there was a little boom sexy leg shots.

I bet you'd enjoy it too - here are some we thought were the best:

First up - sexy legs!

Boys are ok too!

This might be too sexy!

Nice and wet...


That's a really shapely leg!

Oooh I bet it feels good to touch!

Simply beautiful.

Nice shape!

Even shorter legs have there own sexiness

That's a leg of a supermodel!

Shot in the best angle

Bushy's good!

Don't you have any shame at all??

Oooh I'd like to see a bit more...

Good stripes!

This is impossible

Mmmm. Plump and soft!!

Yes! Double-like!

I'd like to navigate through your hairy legs!

A sexy 12-year-old!

Yes - that's a good, sculptured leg.

I'd like a piece of this!

And I'd like a piece of this too!

When you want to see through just legs

So there are many different sorts of legs out there. I hope it gave you a little bit of "awww" to get on with your hectic life!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.