Meet Baxter, a 9-months old Labrador.

Sleeping beside him is Olivia - their relationship recently got even closer after a dramatic event.


Source: STV NEWS

But he kept on barking...

Oliver was sleeping in her bed as she was feeling unwell. Baxter, who was sitting beside Oliver, suddenly started barking.

Annoyed by the barking puppy, Olivia's mother tried to tell Baxter but to no avail. In actual fact, Baxter now tried to jump onto Olivia.

When Olivia's mother went to check on Olivia and Baxter, Olivia was having a seizure!


Source: STV NEWS

Olivia was taken straight to the emergency. Olivia was about to suffocate on her own vomit.

Luckily, because the symptom was detected early, Olivia was ok.

If Baxter didn't alert Olivia's mother, things could have been extremely serious. And since then, Baxter has been checking out on Olivia even more.

Now a hero of the family, we hope that Baxter will continue to be a great buddy for Olivia!



By - grape Japan editorial staff.