It’s no big secret that cats have multiple hidden talents, and modeling just happens to be one of them.

Artist Svetlana Petrova’s cat Zarathustra is a true natural, and he is now showcasing his talent to make a presence in perennial masterpieces of the greatest painters of all time.

She wrote in her Bored Panda submission — “He adores posing for photos. He makes such coquettish poses and clever faces as if to say: ‘Paint me like these French girls...’ So I do.”

Petrova creates her work by photoshopping pictures of her cat into digital images of famous paintings. She then prints them and paints over them, copying the original style of the artwork to make Zarathustra look natural in his newly given environment.

The images can take months to create, as Zarathustra has to be captured in the perfect position while making the perfect expression.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci


Source: Fat Cat Art

The Persistence of Memory by Salvadore Dali


Source: Fat Cat Art

American Gothic by Grant Wood


Source: Fat Cat Art

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli


Source: Fat Cat Art

Venus of Urbino by Titian


Source: Fat Cat Art

Bathing in a Pond of Water Lilies by Claude Monet


Source: Fat Cat Art

The Spring by Sandro Botticelli


Source: Fat Cat Art

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo


Source: Fat Cat Art

By - grape Japan editorial staff.