For those of us who work long hours, slouched over keyboards and crumpling in our seats, bad posture becomes a natural risk. Fortunately, a Japanese retailer is literally giving us a helping hand!


Source: Thanko

Called the "Ago-nose-arm" (The "chin-rest-arm"), it's a wacky concept just crazy enough to work: An artificial arm used to prop your chin up in order to maintain proper posture and relax while doing work at the same time.


Source: Thanko

Made from urethane foam, it's very soft to touch.


Source: Thanko

Taking a bit of a nap at your work desk in Japan isn't really frowned upon--in fact, it's seen as a positive symptom of someone who has been working hard.

That's why it doubles as a head rest.


Source: Thanko

It definitely sounds a bit strange and is easy to bunch together with the inexorable tide of bizarre and niche Japanese technology that rolls in every week, but for the sedentary lifestyle of a hard-working salaryman, it really isn't as niche as it looks (although it does look weird, there's no getting over that). Japanese workplaces are big on aesthetics, so keeping yourself upright is important. As a bonus, it's considered a crucial aspect for health as well!

You can rotate it in a variety of ways.


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Then just attach it to your desk.


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Place your chin on the soft hand--and voila!


Source: Thanko

Those looking to see if they can give their work performance and posture a boost can purchase the item for ¥4,980 (roughly $40 USD) at Thanko.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.