A strange thing happened on the weather section of morning news on NHK Niigata.


Source: NHK

Miharu Okada was reporting the weather as she always does - things seems okay at the beginning.


But then about a minute into the weather report, her voice starts trembling...


People were both concerned and confused about why she ended breaking down. Twitter users and forums gathered all sorts of theories, including a breakup with her boyfriend and harassment from within the company.

Thankfully, a writer at Rocketnews24 contacted NHK Niigata to find out what happened. According to the article, video insert used during the weather report was not the intended video, and as TV directors and other staff started getting flustered behind the scenes, Okada became confused and ended up in tears.


Now, since it is an official stance by NHK, people will continue to stay suspicious about what actually happened. But she may have won new fans over this accident - we hope she'll recover from it!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.