Remember in art class when you were you convinced you were on the verge of creating a masterpiece, but still had to face the daunting task of actually painting it? Remember holding your breath as your hand trembled, desperate to stay inside the lines?

If you have, this Japanese craftsman painting an extremely detailed ceramic bowl by hand will bring back those memories. If you haven’t, you’ll know how a lot of us felt while we were painting our middle school art projects.

Prepare yourself for some major suspense.

This video is from Kutani Choemon, a ceramic studio founded in Ishikawa, Japan in 1879. They have been making tableware and tea ceremony utensils for over 130 years and specialize in Kutani pottery.

Kutani pottery is one of the representatives of traditional crafts in Ishikawa, and are usually porcelain products that feature glazes using the five traditional Kutani colors (red, blue, yellow, purple, and green). Kutani Choemon’s products are so highly-regarded, they have appeared in art galleries and museums, and have even received awards from the Emperor.

And while many of their products have traditional patterns like the bowl in the video, they also collaborate with designers to make more modern, playful pieces.


Source: Choemongama


Source: Choemongama

But whatever the product, watching this video of the painting process is both thrilling and meditative, and we just want to watch it over and over again.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.