For the uninitiated, the world of Japanese professional wrestling can be waters too deep to plunge into. On one hand, the athletic and tough performances of wrestlers are revered and some of the taboos associated with its Western counterpart are not as magnified. On the other hand? Well, you have colorful promotions like DDT pro-wrestling where the sports entertainment aspect is emphasized for great comedic results (we're talking inflatable sex dolls and invisible wrestlers). Case in point: You can flip a wrestler with your big hard American cock.

Enter U.S. wrestler Joey Ryan and Japanese wrestler Danshoku Dino (Homo-Dino). Joey himself can be very comedic and sleazy in the ring, especially with his trademark blow-pop that can disgustingly be used against him. Dino employs an unorthodox style himself between the ropes, focusing on homo-erotic touching as a form of mind-game (well, and self-enjoyment). However, in this video from DDT Pro Wrestling in Osaka on November 28th, 2015, his dick-grabbing backfires on him in the worst way possible!


The commentators addressing the comedic situation with the gravity of a serious competition and legitimate counter-attack (a fantastic trademark of Japanese pro-wrestling) only adds to the spectacle. Translated to English, they are saying "As expected of an American! It's made of something else, so this it what happens! Conversely, it's Dino's finger joints that are on the receiving end of the move!"

In an interview with Vice, Ryan explains the origin of the "penis test of strength", saying " He speaks very little English, but wrestlers can usually speak wrestling, so we understand something. So we're going over the match and he says 'Maybe I grab, maybe you no sell, because American cock so big and so strong.' So it was kind of his idea. We both play sexual characters so it fit with us."

To Japanese pro-wrestling fans, this isn't the most shocking turn of events, but was executed so perfectly that it's become an international sensation. Hopefully it turns some people onto seeing more of the entertaining catalog of Joey Ryan, Danshoku Dino, and DDT Pro Wrestling.

Ryan's attitude regarding the performance art of pro-wrestling sums up why people still feel so passionately about it--you never know what you will see when you step into the arena, because each wrestler is trying to give you what you haven't seen before: "I take the advantages we have as pro wrestlers. Instead of emulating something that already exists, I try to do the opposite and do something they can't see and get the audience emotionally invested in what I'm doing."

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Finally, let's do what we can to make Joey Ryan's dream come true.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.