Did you know that there is a "sacred land" for the fox in Japan!?

At Zao Fox Village (located in Shiraishi, Miyagi), there are over 100 foxes living freely without cages. Visitors are able to get in touch with these foxes!

There are 6 types of foxes in the village - Ezo red fox, silver fox, blue fox, platinum fox, shadow fox, and red fox.

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You'll get up close and personal with foxes in the village - they will even walk behind you and pull your clothes. Pretend you hold some food, foxes will actually come to you - this is your chance to pat these cute little creatures.

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You might be worried about Echinococcosis - a type of parasite that foxes tend to have which can affect us humans too. But foxes here are being regularly checked, and there has been no infection in the village since it opened in 1990.

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It's definitely one of the must-visit sites if you love animals. There are many fox-related goods on sales at the village too. If you are ever in Japan, make sure you include this wonderful village in your itinerary!

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Zao Fox Village
Opening Hours: 9:00 - 16:00
(The village is closed on Wednesdays until March 18.)

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