Earphones are necessary items for many of us when we go out. But whenever we put it in our bag or pocket, they get tangled up - almost always.

But Twitter user naoyaman (@Hase54N) showed us a really great way to tie our earphones. Let's check this out now:

It looks simple indeed - and untying it is easy too, without all the tangles!

Tying our earphones

Place your earpiece in between your middle finger and ring finger.


Source: @Hase54N

Roll up the cable in a figure of 8 using your index finger and little finger.


Source: @Hase54N

Roll up the last 15 cm or so of the cable at the center of the figure of 8.


Source: @Hase54N

Then insert the tip of the earphone to the cable that is rolled up to the center of the figure of 8.


Source: @Hase54N

To untie the cable, hold the tip of the earpiece and pull it. Make sure you pull it gently to prevent cord from disconnecting.

And there you have it - no more tangled earphone cables! Give it a shot!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.