Japan is known for their wide variety of Kit Kat flavors, from the enticing Blueberry Cheesecake flavor to the perhaps slightly less appetizing Potato flavor.

This year, Kit Kat Japan is taking new flavors to a much more decadent level with their soon-to-be-released Gold Kit Kat.


Source: nestle.co.jp

Officially named “Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Gold Leaf,” these high-end Kit Kats will be covered in edible gold leaf, with the Sublime Bitter Kit Kats used as the chocolate base.

A total of only 500 bars will be sold for a limited time starting late December 2015 at the specialty Kit Kat boutique shop, Kit Kat Chocolatory. FYI, there are only eight of these specialty shops across Japan.

Though covered in gold and much more expensive, the Gold Kit Kat will be sold for 2016 yen (16 USD).

As part of their golden campaign, Kit Kat will also be holding a very special lottery. Lucky winners will receive the “Kit Kat Gold Bar,” a 230 gram, solid 24-carat gold Kit Kat Bar.


Source: nestle.co.jp

How can you NOT say yes to having more gold and chocolate in your life?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.