On December 5th and 6th, a giant black cat had appeared out of nowhere in Osaka.

She's 2-meter high and 6-meter long - it's almost freaky.

This is actually a promotional project by the Japanese courier company "Kuroneko Yamato". In this project, this humongous black cat is visiting 10 major cities in Japan.


Source: Kuroneko Yamato

It's not just the size that will surprise you - let's press her nose and see what happens...

Lol her mouth opens up to give you a gift!

So what is the cat gonna give you?





If you are a cat addict, it could be a must-have item! But the "rights" to push this nose is so popular, you have to get a ticket and wait in a queue for around 40 minutes!

Kuroneko Yamato won't tell us when or where the cat will appear to prevent over-congestion. So you're lucky if you bump into this cat! Even if you don't get to press her nose, at least you can enjoy her fluffiness!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.