It's no secret that Japan has a burning love for mascots, even hosting national contests to determine the most popular mascot in the country each year. Not all is well in mascot land, however, because the scariest mascot in Japan is willing to attack anyone, even other mascots.

While most are familiar with Kumamon, the official mascot of Kumamoto prefecture and popular merchandise titan who has even been making waves in the international market, you may not know much about his assailant in the following video--Melon Bear, mascot for the city of Yubari in Hokkaido, famous for its delicious high quality melons.

You'd think that somebody with the name "Melon Bear" would be a big cute ball of fluff, especially when you see his deceivingly innocent merchandise:

But that's not what he actually looks like in person. In fact, Melon Bear throws a curve ball at mascot lovers by embracing a realistically terrifying aesthetic!


It's not just for show, either. Melon Bear is rather notorious for going around and doing his best to scare the hell out of little kids in Japan:

Well, it turns out that when you put the two in the same place at the same time, then you might want to hire a few extra security guards! Kumamon was recently demonstrating his exercise dance routine, but apparently Melon Bear isn't too big on fun and games, and perhaps a bit jealous of Kumamon's popularity--so he did what he does best--attack!


Fortunately, it wall just for show! In typical fashion, those who could withstand the initial onslaught of Melon-Bear's nastiness were treated to a view at his softer side. They even got to see their hero Kumamon get a pretty good kick in!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.