With Japan's monopoly on all things cute, it should come as no surprise that cuddly animal themed cafes are popping up throughout the country. The boom started with cat cafes, where customers can enjoy feeding cats and playing with them while enjoying a refreshing beverage. Spin-offs with more exotic animals, like owls and lizards, have started to take off as well. So it didn't take long before the next fluffy corner on the market was taken: Bunnies!

This bunny heaven is tucked away in Harajuku, Tokyo. Once you make your way past the bustling streets of the fashion-themed town, you'll find a relaxing little cafe named "Ra.a.g.f"--which stands for Rabbit and Grow Fat!

Upon entering, you'll find a nice selection of adorable furballs being taken care of at the cafe. Much like cat cafes, the bunnies are free to run around like they own the place (and they do), but they occasionally are put into cages so that they can get some much needed rest.

Don't be alarmed--the cages are so the bunnies can rest.


Source: Raagf

The system is nice and affordable too! A trial course of 700 yen (roughly $6 USD) for 30 minutes is offered, and 1100 yen ($8.50) will buy you an hour with the rabbits! While the rabbits themselves are playful on their own, you can purchase veggies and rabbit treats for just 150 yen. This is highly recommended, as it allows you the opportunity to feel super popular as an adorable herd of rabbits swarm you for attention.

While this may not be an option for tourists, the cafe also offers another special service: If you find a bunny you really like, you can inquire about purchasing the rabbit to take home!

As you can see, the bunnies even get festive for the holidays

Watch the bunnies in action

Bunnies of all sizes!

Don't forget the small ones!

They've got no problem climbing all over you.

So if you're in Japan and want to relax with a nice cup of tea or coffee, why not add some cute bunnies to the mix? Visit Ra.a.g.f for more information.


Source: Piku

By - grape Japan editorial staff.