It turns out cats will chase just about anything you wag at them--even a lightsaber! While they are more than up to the task, when the cats in particular are Munchkins, then they might need a little extra help to give their short legs a boost.

That's what happens in this adorable and funny video posted by a YouTuber from Saitama, Japan: StudioSinga. StudioSinga has a whole channel dedicated to the cute adventures of 9 Munchkin cats (and their dog friend) that can eat up your entire day on the internet, if you're not careful.

In this particular video, the short-legged critters find themselves perplexed and overwhelmed by what looks to be a very expensive action figure of Yoda from Star Wars. Titled "The Force Doesn't Awake Among Cats", the cats hold off lightsaber attacks and condescending inspirational quotes as long as possible, until they must summon a puppy from The Dark Side.

The YouTube channel has plenty more awesome videos, but so does the official blog. Be sure to check it out!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.