It's as though every time we feel super needy, no one gives us any attention.

This adorable little panda was probably feeling the exact same way when it was time for his caretaker to leave.

Eihin, a panda resident of Wakayama Adventure World in Japan, was feeling particularly hungry for attention and tried everything he could think of to stop his caretaker. No doubt feeling completely gutted by the fact that Eihin was being so unbelievably cute, the caretaker nonetheless tries to wrench himself away, making sure he doesn’t step on the little bear in the process.

We don’t know if Eihin succeeded in getting a few more extra minutes with his beloved caretaker, but it’s easy to agree that they both put up an adorable fight.

But in the end we totally get it — sometimes, all we want is a little more attention.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.