A photo that was taken at an air show in Japan is being much talked about in social media.

It's a photo taken by a Twitter user (@DontendonY) of a photo of F-15J overlapping the moon in the back. The timing is so spot on, it's almost miraculous.

Being a jet fighter, F-15J must have been flying fast... There probably was hundredth of a second of chance to hold down the shutter.

There were amazing collaboration of moon and fighter jets on Twitter:

Nyutabaru Air Base in Miyagi hosts an air show called the Nyutabaru Air Festa. At the event, aerobatic demonstration team of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force "Blue Impulse" also show off their skills.

To see their skills, you ought to see them in motion:

There were apparently many people there at the air show with expensive DSLRs in order to take rare shots of these aircraft.

If you are a fan of jet fighters and more, this event might be worth the visit. Especially recommended for those who want to see Japanese variant of iconic American fighter jets.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.