Cats and dogs have it easy compared to pet birds--they usually get to roam around the house as much as they want, and aren't confined to the solitary life of a cage. This bird owned by a Japanese Twitter user , however, doesn't conform to societal rules and rejects the caged life! Especially when he gets a chance to lie down in front of his beloved heater.

While the image itself, posted by Twitter user alphaomega62220 (Yuuko) may cause you to think that tragedy had befallen the bird, the Japanese text of the original tweet and others clears things up:

"It really looks like he's collapsed, so I really wish he would stop sleeping like this.

Later tweets confirm that this bird is actually a repeat offender, with the owner replying to another user saying "It's like this every day. When I turn on the heater he begins his "let me out! let me out!" routine."

As you can imagine, it got a variety of responses from internet commenters:

"It's like he's becoming yakitori by the heater lol!"

"Has he no pride as a bird?"

"Freaking cute--he's like a doll!"

"It startles you for a second but it's so cute--I'm afraid I'd step on it!"

"With his beak half open he looks like a corpse."

"Cat: *smacking its lips* Merry Christmas (lol)!"

Well, as long as his owner is OK with it we are too. We just hope there aren't any cats around!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.