It is true that Hot Wheels was a toy maker of various kinds of toy cars for children, but that was until they met Darth Vader. They made a small Darth Vader toy car, but probably realized a small car can’t hit the road... so they made a bigger one. And more importantly, it’s drivable.

The car is an astonishing beauty. In a way, calling someone who falls to the dark side of the force as a beautiful may be inappropriate, but this coolest villain was built from a sixth-generation Chevrolet Corvette. The canopy rises up similar to how Vader’s helmet comes off, and the steering wheel is actually a yoke and there’s a divide handbrake that locks up just the rear wheels. Heck, you can even hear Vader’s breathing noises when its sitting around your garage.

The car is fully drivable, and is capable of reaching 150 mph with customs wheels, and LS3 V-8, which is fitted and runs on 526 horsepower.However, we doubt even the all mighty Dark Lord of the Sith himself can drive through lava and emerge unscathed.

If you would like to dig in more, feel free to check out Jay Leno test driving the life-size Darth Vader Hot Wheels car.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.