When worlds collide, things get messy. When fandoms collide? Well, things can get downright nasty. Especially when those fans belong to two monster franchises.

Fans of both Star Wars and Japanese manga and animation titan One Piece were treated to a cross-promotional surprise recently, with it recently being announced that airing before the debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Japan, a short special feature would be shown in which Luffy (the protagonist of One Piece) wishes Star Wars good luck. This likely will help remind fans of the upcoming One Piece film, slated for release in July, 2016.


Source: Onepiece-film

So a simple cross-promotional tie-up sounds pretty innocent, right? For the most part it is, but just moments after the announcement, a number of complaints from some of the more vocal and displeased Star Wars fans surfaced. While it'd be silly to generalize these as the representative comments of an entire fan community, they definitely serve as a reminder of how incensed members of a passionate fanbase can get. Here are just a few highlights:

"We don't freaking need this shit, don't contaminate the world premiere."

"What does Luffy have to do with it?"

"That's a useless addition."

"What the hell is whoever planned this thinking about in their life?"

"There's nothing we can do even if Star Wars fans cut Luffy limb from limb with light-sabers."

"In about five years there'll be a little Luffy logo in the corner of Star Wars footage."

"I like One Piece, but cute this out."

"Good luck from Luffy before the showing? Idiots."

"Good luck from Luffy to Star Wars? They must really look down on us."

"What a kill joy before the real show."

"This won't make anybody happy."

"Don't do this unnecessary bullshit!"

"Luffy is going to wish good luck...lmao..I'm not a Star Wars fan but I feel bad for them lol!"


Among some other colorful quotes. Yikes!

Ok, so people being dickheads in the comment section on the internet really isn't much to report about, but it really does remind you how seriously people are taking their fandom, going as far to feel this to feel like an intrusion of turf. With emotions riding high for The Force Awakens, we get the heated feelings, but One Piece is one of the hugest works of fiction in the history of Japan and...

...it's like a 30 second clip...

...during the trailers....before the movie starts.

Yeah, we're pretty sure this is a fan war that can die before it even begins. I mean, why not just have Kylo Ren cheer on the One Piece movie at its debut in July?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.