Mamoru Kanai is an Instagrammer from Tokyo who ventures out to various neighborhoods to perform tricks on his mamachari. Mamachari, which literally translates as “mom bike,” is a bicycle with a basket and/or child seat commonly ridden by mothers in Japan.

“I’ve always been good with riding bicycles, and I thought it’d be fun to start a photo series of me riding them in creative ways,” Kanai said on Instagram. This thought eventually transpired into his “Riding Pop” series, where he can be seen popping wheeling and stoppies in what always becomes the perfect location for a picture.

Kanai tries to perform the tricks while seated as though he is normally riding his bike, making his face and body look as relaxed as possible (try tilting the pictures and you’ll see what he means!).

“The most significant point about these portraits is the irony of performing stunts on ordinary bicycles that are made for moms with kids.”

When he’s not on his bike, you might find him taking humorous photos without it.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.