Like many heroes from children's books, Thomas The Tank Engine has a charming and friendly character, but there is something innately disturbing about him if put in a certain light. It's not downright disturbing on its own, but something about that smile just comes across as creepy if you stare at it long enough. Japanese model maker and sculptor Y_Nakajima seems to be perfectly aware of that unnerving quality, and put it on full display with his impressive Frankenstein's monster of a post-apocalyptic Thomas:


Source: Yamato

Modifying and hacking what appears to be a Combat Creature, Y_Nakajima took to Twitter to announce the completion of his multi-legged battle tank Thomas. He even gave him quite the Mad Maxian backstory, writing that "Sir Topham Hatt lost everything he had, and giving into despair and madness manipulated the AI-equipped body of Thomas the Tank Engine into a ravenous death machine."

As if fueling our nightmares and ruining the innocent happy-go-lucky nature of Thomas wasn't enough, this remote-controlled death device is armed and dangerous! It's equipped with a miniature 300mw laser that is powerful enough to pop balloons and even light matches. You can witness the power of this fully operational battle station in the video below.

He's not just for show...


Source: Yamato

Thomas can pop balloons and start fires with his laser cannon.


Source: Yamato

The acrylic paint provides for a great aesthetic!


Source: Yamato

No one in the wastelands is safe from Thomas the Tank Engine, the killer with a smile.

The little train that could is now the big train that KILLS.


Source: Yamato

By - grape Japan editorial staff.