One product sent Japanese potato chip industry a shock-wave. "Strawberry Cake" flavor potato chips have been on sale in Japan since December 14 just in time for the Christmas season.

Japanese social media is bubbling with a wide range of reactions about this flavor. So we decided to give it a go ourselves.


Source: Koikeya

The packaging will make you look twice – an illustration of strawberries and a cake behind a photo of potato chips?? Can this be real? Or is it a match made in heaven?


Furthermore, this potato chip flavor uses Tochiotome strawberries – a special breed of strawberries that is quite popular in Japan for its unique sweetness. But how is it going to work with a bunch of deep-fried potatoes?


What we got first as we opened the bag is the aroma of a cake. It's not at all a sensation you get when you open a bag of chips. There is a hint of that typical salty scent in the background though.

It's too bad we can't deliver the scent to you – from the picture below, it just looks like an ordinary bag of chips.


We tried different shots to see if we can make this work... Nah. It's chips.


Let's eat it... It's shocking. We wanted to recite: Cake! Strawberries! Chips!

And it's surprisingly pleasant. The balance between the three flavors is spot on – it works!

This special-flavor potato chips is only available until December 21. If you happen to be in Japan before then, do buy one and taste it for yourself!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.