As most cat owners know, if you leave an aggressive feline alone with a toy that isn't quite indestructible, there's a good chance you might not get it back. This cat in particular has a habit of laying waist to cardboard boxes, and his owner took notice enough that eventually he had to document this destruction.

Named Elliot, the cat has a passion for clawing and chewing away at cardboard boxes (thankfully not eating them!) whether they are just lying around or provided for him as a bed. His owner writes that "Elliot likes to tear up cardboard boxes. This is his third one, and this time I manged to film it. It took him roughly three months to finish the job."

So here's a video showing off just how efficient this feline is at making things disappear!

Hopefully boxes are the only thing Elliot treats that way!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.