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Create Your Own Kitty Land With Some Pillows

Sometimes having one cat is not enough, and you want more cats to fully feel satisfied.  Felissimo, the famous inventor who invented the cat spray for fabrics, made something good again for cat-lovers: A multiple-cat pillow makes you feel you are surrounded with tons of cats.  One pillow has 4 cats, 2 pillows has 8 cats, so as you attain more pillows, you can be the king or queen of a land of cats.

To respect each owner's preference, there are 4 cat pillows to choose from.

Quietly beautiful Japanese cats

Cute American cats

Elegant European cats

Exotic Middel Eastern cats

Felissimo is selling their multiple-cat pillows at 5600 yen ($45 USD), and a small percentage 56 yen will go to cat charities.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.