To many tourists, the concept of capsule hotels are Japanese enough on their own. What are usually intended for drunken salarymen and people just looking for a place to lie there head after they missed their last train, have somewhat of an exotic allure for foreign travelers.

At the end of the day, though, it's just you and a capsule with a television (usually with two channels--news and porn!), so it's hard to really feel like you are in Japan. Not to worry, though, Business Inn New City has got you covered with its feudal Japan and otaku style capsule rooms.

Located in Yokohama, the Business Inn New City features a set of themed capsules called the "Wa-cap"(和カプ), which is short for Wa-capsule. "Wa"(和) in this case means "Japanese style", and these rooms sure are that. While other rooms are carpeted, the Wa-cap has tatami floors and capsule curtains inspired by Ukiyo-e artwork and family seals of feudal generals from early Japan. Not that far removed from the heart of the metropolis Tokyo, you can hit the hay and wake up feeling like you are in the samurai-era for 4000 yen ($33 U.S.) on weekdays and 4500 yen on weekends ($37 U.S.).

Here's a video showing off some of the Samurai-themed designs.

That's not their only theme, however! Just as the image of samurai, geisha, and early Japan speak to some foreign visitors, so does the image of anime and otaku culture to others. That's why the hotel also features capsule rooms called Ita-cap (痛カプ--which is short for Itai-capsule). "Itai"(痛) in this case means painful, because many people consider these designs featuring cutesy anime chicks and characters painful and embarrassing to look at. For those who aren't shamed by it, well, we imagine it's a hotel heaven.

A more modern contrast

With friends inside waiting to cuddle...

Those looking to embrace a bit of modern and early Japan in one go can visit the hotel's website here, and check out the address below.

231-0042 Fukutomi-cho Nishi-dori 53, Naka-ward, Yokohama city

By - grape Japan editorial staff.