Source: tamashii

Ancient Samurai Star Wars Figures

Tamashii Nations Movie Realization Star Wars figures take the Empire and turn them into ancient samurai with katanas and flintlocks rather than lightsabers, which looks extremely badass.

SAMURAI Darth Vader

An amazing quality figure of Darth Vader holding one Japanese style katana and a lightsaber-liked katana. Too cool!


TEPPOU ASHIGARU Sandtrooper is standing by for Lord Vader's command, and ready for battle with two rifles and a katana.

Very detailed design backpack!

ROUNIN Boba Fett

Everyone's favorite bounty hunter "Boba Fett" joins the dark side of the force with his unique Japanese style outfit.

AKAZONE Royal Guard

Emperor's Royal Guard is here with his bladed staff, and collar, helmets, robe... all parts are perfect! A mysterious look that probably can take down enemy without ease.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.