There's been reports in social media about sightings of freaky udon noodles in Nagoya.

Without further ado, let's check this freaky noodles.

Creepy... The noodle is subliminally telling me to cheer for Chunichi Dragons baseball team...

A mysterious message inscribed on a noodle. The inscription reads "Go Dragons"...

It's a noodle that secretly cheers for the Aichi-based baseball team "Chunichi Dragons"!

And this is how the noodles look like before they are cooked:

The inscription is on every single strand of noodles. The person who came up with this must love this baseball team!

There are 4 noodle versions:

  • Go go Dragons
  • Good luck Dragons
  • Gimme Home Runs
  • Make it to the top

The passion that exudes from these noodle inscription is funny yet pretty impressive!

If you are in Nagoya, you can actually taste this at an Udon restaurant called "Kikuya". The noodles are also on sale at Nagoya Dome.

Shindeki 1-1-32, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi

By - grape Japan editorial staff.