If you've spent time at a Japanese arcade or mall, then you know the popularity of crane games, called U.F.O. catchers, and the world of frustration and pain that comes with them. As simple as they are, it always seems like the odds are stacked against you. No matter how many coins you put in, all you get out of it is anger and insult to your strength as a person. But not if you're a clever Japanese high school girl!

In a video posted on Twitter by one of the girls in the video (we'll call her Mona), two high school girls are set to tackle the dreaded U.F.O. catcher. The object stored inside is called Umaibō (うまい棒), or "delicious sticks." These are Japanese snacks, shaped like a stick that come in a variety of flavors, and have a consistency similar to Cheetos. They also have popular Japanese anime character Doraemon on their label.

The two girls strategize pretty halfheartedly, with dialog that pretty much consists of "Hey so I can just pull wherever, right?" "Nah, it otta be at the front, you gotta pull here! Ok just say when!" until things seem to go awry...

Jackpot! When asked, Mona explained on Twitter that she wasn't even able to take half of the snacks home(it sounds like the arcade staff wouldn't allow her to--jerks!), but she definitely should have gotten enough to claim herself a conqueror of the U.F.O. Catcher--something very few can do!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.