In Japan, instead of sending everyone Christmas cards, people send New Year's greetings card (called Nengajyo).

However, perhaps due to fading tradition, there's a decline in people sending New Year's greetings card, especially among younger people.

So Japan Post had come up with a novel way to get younger people excited about sending cards in the New Years.


Hidden gem

While the post card format itself has not changed, the design of this year's card is filled with novel touches.

Here are the two post cards:


They are both pretty neat; one is a cute floral design, while other has Mickey Mouse on it. But there is more to these cards.

Wait... is it really a flower?

Let's look closely at these flowers...


They are all shrimps!


And there is a reason why they included shrimps in the design. According to Japan Post:

Shrimps and floral shapes - symbols of longevity - are incorporated in the design.


More Mickey than meets the eye

On Mickey Mouse New Year's card, there are 6 hidden Mickeys


4 Hidden Mickeys

Can you figure out all 4?

11519_06 2 more!


The answer is at the bottom of the article!

There are more Mickeys at the bottom of the post card, with hidden ones around the numbers printed there as well.


When a New Year's card is this fun, people might be more inclined to send them.

Answers to the hidden Mickeys


By - grape Japan editorial staff.