When your product is meant to be administered gently and rubbed on skin, it's probably pretty difficult to resist the urge to market it sensually, but this Japanese commercial titled "The woman who rubs, the man who is rubbed" fully embraces that urge for comedic effect and aims to get your erotic juices flowing with a man screaming in orgasmic delight.


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While Coloskin may be described as a lubricant, it definitely isn't used (at least that we know of...) in the way this commercial might suggest. It starts out with a woman seductively encouraging her tentative partner to come to her and open himself up to her application of Coloskin. Things slowly get more and more intense as he attempts to fight off her siren call, but the pain is worth it and brings him the soothing comfort he so badly needs and...well, it's English subtitled so we suppose you should just watch it and find out!

Yep, Coloskin is actually a liquid plaster, and is used in treatment "for wounds, such as minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions, hangnails, and clefts." So the deceptively erotic title of the commercial is justified by its narrative. Like most similar creams and ointments, it works by treating the wound and creating a film to protect it, that can't easily be undone by the elements.

It makes sense that you might be shy at first.


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But with a little bit of pain comes a world of pleasure...


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...that'll have you screaming for more.


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By - grape Japan editorial staff.