On December 8, 2015, there was an interesting competition between the U.S. Army and Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.

Based on the "Iron Chef", they were battling to decide who can cook better.

The prize is a shield... Uh, no - a chopping board. But it does have an "Iron Chef" inscription on it.


Source: YouTube

The rule for the competition is as follows:

  • 5 people per team
  • 2-hour time limit
  • Only the provided ingredients can be used
  • There are 6 judges, from both countries

This year's theme was "full-course menu". With a lot of dishes to prepare, what did each team come up with?

Let's first check out Team USA. People in the kitchen look deadly serious. They even train junior staff how to chop tomatoes. They're certainly running a tight ship here!


Source: YouTube

Now to the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. They are keeping the lively atmosphere going here; but they are also working hard, like the way they intricately make heart-shaped eggs.


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2 hours since the competition, the dishes of both teams are complete.

The U.S. Army's creation is a Western-style full-course menu; it's probably as good as you get in restaurants of classy hotels!


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Japan Ground Self-Defense Force has taken a different tact: a Japanese full-course menu with a lot of eye-catching dishes.


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The dishes are judged based on taste, presentation and creativity. Judges put on a serious look as they rate each dish...


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And the moment of truth... The winner is... the U.S. Army! The team looks extremely pleased with the result!


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Comments on this YouTube video were full of praises about the event, in the way they display peace through food.

...Although some said Navy makes better food lol.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.