Just when you thought flavor combinations in Japan couldn't get any more ambitious, Myojo Foods is releasing a special new flavor for their popular instant noodle series: Chocolate Sauce Yakisoba.

The daring combination of chocolate sauce and yakisoba (Japanese friend noodles) that has Japanese net users scratching their heads in bewilderment and hungry curiosity will be released as part of the "Ippei-chan night stall yakisoba"(一平ちゃん 夜店の焼そば) series, and is being marketed as a special form of the instant noodles for Valentine's Day (where many chocolates are exchanged). In the past, Myojo Foods has released other bold and exotic flavors such as "Fried Chicken Mayonnaise", "Pizza Mayonaisse", and "Cod Roe."

In playing to the theme of Valentine's Day, this package has a red ribbon on the label--so you could actually give this to your special someone in lieu of Valentine's chocolate, if you think they would actually be cool with that.

So how does it work? Usually these yakisoba packs come with dried vegetables, mustard/mayonnaise, spices, and yakisoba sauce individually packed. The chocolate version will be getting a slightly different treatment: in place of the traditional yakisoba sauce is a chocolate sauce based from cocoa powder, cafe late, and Worcestershire sauce. Instead of the vegetable mix, say hello to chocolate chip and cinnamon furikake!

Myojo Foods claims the product will be a "treat awakening", and have a sweet and salty taste.

So this...


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...plus this!


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The Chocolate Sauce Yakisoba will go on sale January 18th, 2016, and will be available all over Japan for just 180 yen (about $1.50 USD). We'll be in line and ready to review!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.