Christmas morning isn’t just fun for kids — it’s fun for adults, too. And it could have been fun for this family’s dogs, had it not been for the Christmas present their dad received.

Sitting by the tree with the rest of the family, dad opens his gift and uncovers a furry set of slippers. Celebrating this special holiday moment and basking in Christmas cheer, he immediately decides to slip them onto his feet. Out of sheer joy he shows them off to the rest of the family, rolling onto his back and waving his legs in the air.

Little did anyone know that furry slippers were actually the archenemies of dogs (maybe they’ve had a “ruff” history?), and the family dogs were standing by, ready to attack.

Although we can’t be sure what the dogs were really thinking, they probably just saw dad’s new slippers as a new furry friend and jumped in to play.

Whatever the reason, we’re sure this family had a very memorable Christmas morning.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.