If you're a Kim Kardashian fan, or just looking to fill the need of a gigantic ass emoji for your smartphone, then you likely are aware of the recently released Kimoji app, a Kim Kardashian themed emoji app that is making a killing on the Apple app store.


Source: @kimkardashian

What you may not be aware of, is just how funny the name "Kimoji" sounds in Japanese.

If you don't know, "emoji" is originally a Japanese word--絵文字 (emoji), and has same meaning that it has come to have in English--a pictorial symbol or picture text. Obviously, Kim Karadashian is making a play on words by attaching her name to it, but as far as Japanese goes, this makes for one little problem.

In Japanese, "Kimoi" (キモイ) means disgusting, gross, or creepy. It is often shortened to "Kimo" (キモ) in colloquial speech as well. So really, with the knowledge of "emoji" being a Japanese word, along with an understanding of "Kimoi", Kimoji basically means "Disgusting text."

So let's be honest, this is probably a coincidence that Kardashian and nobody working for her noticed, and even if they did, don't care about. It's just another interesting wrinkle to something that's already clearly a topic. It's just funny that in putting her personal spin on a Japanese word, she made another Japanese word. You can look at the Kimoji below and decide which meaning you want to go with, though!


Source: @kimkardashian

By - grape Japan editorial staff.