Bruce Lee will forever be our Kung Fu master, but when we’re deep in nostalgia for his pristine martial art techniques, there’s someone we can rest assured is following in his footsteps.

At just five years old, Ryusei Imai is already showing signs of becoming a promising disciple of the Kung Fu legend.

With skills like Ryusei, it’s not surprising that he had a very early start. At the age of one he began watching Bruce Lee videos, and started practicing nunchaku in 2014. A year later he started learning his kicks, and he has continued adding to his already vast arsenal of martial art moves.

But becoming the “next Bruce Lee” isn’t all this little boy has in mind — he also enjoys playing the guitar and has a collection of miniature cars.

Whatever he decides he is in love with most, with his dedication and spirit, we’re sure he’ll move on to do great things.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.