There’s something about the thought of digging for ancient artifacts that makes the archaeologists in us burn with passion. And when the archaeological site is a yummy cake, the task becomes even more exciting since we’re guaranteed a mouth-watering prize at the end of our endeavor.

Petit Marche in Nara Prefecture has come up with exactly that — a Kofun Cake (Tomb Cake) that can be dug into and devoured with a shovel-shaped spoon.

Kofun are ancient megalithic tombs that were constructed in Japan between 300-710 AD. They were named after the Kofun period, and many have distinctive keyhole-shaped mounds unique to ancient Japan.

Petit Marche’s Kofun Cakes take this keyhole shape and are either 16 centimeters or 23 centimeters in length, costing 3500 yen (29 USD) and 6200 yen (52 USD) respectively.

奈良なうです #古墳ケーキ #ならまち

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According to Petit Marche’s website, the ingredients represent different artifacts. The pecan nuts are meant to be shards of potteries, while the crushed cookies represent broken mirrors. There are also haniwa and magatama — both treasures buried inside kofun that give archaeologists hints about the social status of the buried — made out of cocoa meringue cylinders and cashew nuts. The cake even has banana slices to add some fruity flavor!

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Unfortunately the cakes aren’t deliverable, so you’ll have to go directly to their shop if you want to try these wonderful cakes. But if you can’t, the shovel-shaped spoons are sold separately for 350 yen (3 USD), so you can have those delivered to you instead and try making your very own Kofun Cake!

Petit Marche

22 Higashiterabayashicho, Nara, Nara Prefecture

By - grape Japan editorial staff.