Source: @azuno_mix

A Hand Shake Event With Your Cat! Adorable!

Twitter user @azuno_mix recently Tweeted that she has a hand-shake event set up in her own home.

What does it mean to have a hand-shake event with your cat? Let's have a look.

There was a hand-shake event held by my cat. So I decided to not take part once, but twice.

Oh - there she is!


Source: @azuno_mix

Oh - so this is the venue.


Source: @azuno_mix

Could I... shake your hands??


Source: @azuno_mix

Oh I still feel your gaze!


Source: @azuno_mix

This is too cute! I could hand-shake with this cat forever!

Then someone reacted to this tweet saying "we have a venue at our home too":

It's so cool having a booth like this so you can interact with your cat in such an adorable way! Patting wasn't the only way to interact with your cat huh.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.