One of the best things about indoor playgrounds is undeniably the ball pool. It’s every kid’s (and adult’s) dream to jump into a huge pit filled with nothing but colorful, plastic balls.

Apparently, it’s every dog’s dream, too. Just look at Maymo, who initially thinks that his humans are just rearranging some furniture.

In celebration for his birthday, Maymo’s humans decided to fill a DIY ball pit with over 1000 rainbow-colored balls. They had given him 100 balls last year, but wanted to up the ante for his special day this time around.

Like anyone getting their very own ball pool, Maymo gets super excited after realizing that the pit is being filled with balls. He wags his tail and basks in the glory of what is presumably everyone’s dream birthday gift, and frankly we couldn’t be more jealous.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.