As much as a lot of us rely on energy drinks for those afternoon boosts, downing a can of the same drink everyday can get boring for our tastebuds. But now you can thank Red Bull, who will be releasing their new cherry blossom-flavored energy drink in February.


Source: Red Bull

The sakura-flavored drink will come in a pink and silver can that will visually brighten your mood even before you take a sip. Simply called “The Spring Edition,” it will be available in Japan only from February 16th in limited numbers.

But if you love everything sakura-flavored, or are just dying to try out this new drink, you can get it from February 9th at select convenience stores along with the Blue Edition released last year (which, by the way, is grape-flavored). They’ll be sold together in a “Valentine’s Assortment” set, which you’ll presumably share with your SO (or not, whatever floats your boat).

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This glorious new flavor will be sold for 190 yen (1.60 USD). If you’re as excited as we are to try it out, mark your calendars so you don’t miss your chance!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.