Scottish Fold cats are impossibly adorable. They're the most popular cat in Japan, and for good reason. With their cutely tucked and folded ears, they seem to have a perpetually confused look on their face, as if they are always begging you for something.


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And it's a fitting look for these Japanese snacks modeled after Scottish Fold kitties, because they're so cute, the only way you could bring yourself to eat one is if a cat begged you!

Manju are traditional Japanese confectionery, and are usually made from rice powder, flour, and buckwheat, with a filling of red bean paste. While they are a classic treat usually appreciated with a nice hot cup of green tea, they come in all shapes and sizes and most recently have been taking on cutesy animal shapes. With Scottish Fold cats being a popular pet for the kingdom of kawaii, well, it was a match-up just waiting to happen!

It's not all aesthetics, however. Any concerns over the quality of taste can be put to rest, as these Scottish Fold Manju are a collaboration between Animal Hyakka and venerable Japanese confectionery shop, Awaya Sobei, which has a 65 year history and prides itself on protecting the traditional flavor of Japanese confectionery, passed on through generations. They are a limited release and being sold exclusive at Animal Hyakka's Yahoo Store, and come with four in a box for the price of 1,388円 (about 11$ USD).

They come in four appetizing flavors, mixing modern and traditional flavors.

Smooth bean paste, white bean paste, chocolate bean paste, and caramel bean paste.

The most adorable way to do tea time!

The most adorable way to do tea time!

Maybe the sleeping face is the easiest to eat.

Whether you're a cat lover, tea lover, Japanese snack lover, or just need something adorable staring back at you, these are a great gift and conversation piece. Besides, can you say "no" to faces like these?

The most adorable way to do tea time!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.