We all know about dogs being Man's best friend, but this adorable Shiba named Maru seems to have a preference for friends of the stuffed variety.

Maru is from Japan, and his human companion runs an Instagram and blog that details the frisky Shiba's adventures. However, while looking at pictures and videos of his awesome poses and meetings with cows, it doesn't take long to notice that Maru has an adorable habit--spending time with stuffed animals!

Take, for instance, Maru's habit of sleeping in the exact same pose as his beloved stuffed polar bear.

Maybe somebody tried to take Mr. Bear away?

Like pigs (well, not exactly) in a blanket!

Nope, we're staying right here!

Blanket or no blanket, we're cuddling!

Maru does have other friends.

Like this octopus.

And this guy.

But at the end of the day...

We know who wins out.

No butts about it.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.