Every flower we bring into our homes deserves a special vase to be put into, and Japanese designer Keisuke Fujiwara’s flower vases are just that — breathtakingly gorgeous steel vessels that swing when petals fall.

You might say that Fujiwara’s flower vases are reflective of Japanese aesthetics. Similar to how the Japanese find pleasure in watching petals fall from cherry blossom trees during the spring, these vases place focus on the beauty of withering flowers that are past their full bloom.

Weights are placed inside the vases, allowing the spherical surface to stand without toppling over. When a flower is placed inside, they tilt in a very natural way and remain still until the petals begin to fall.

The collection comes in five different color combinations, all of which are absolutely beautiful!

Unfortunately, the vases are extremely hard to get ahold of at the moment. But if you’re determined to get one for yourself, you can try contacting Fujiwara directly through his website or Facebook page.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.